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2-Dec-2012, Sunday

On Sunday, I attended City Harvest Church at Singapore Expo Hall 1. Since it was a family weekend, cartoon mascots paraded the hall, entertaining adults and kids and taking photos with the kids. It is the only time in the year entire families get to sit and worship together in the same service.

The service started at 10 am with beautiful praise and worship.  The kids from the Children’s church also led the praise and worship. It was an amazing sight to see them leading a congregation of 7000 people in praise and worship.

After worship, Pastor Kong welcomed the members during the family day weekend. The atmosphere was vibrating with the cheers and noises of small children who came with their parents during the Family day.

After welcoming the family members, there was Holy Communion. We recited the Lord’s prayer and the declaration of Faith before partaking the Holy Communion. The bread represents the body of Jesus that was crucified for our physical, emotional and inner healing and the Wine (grape juice) represents the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross for the remission of our sins.

After partaking the Holy Communion, Pastor Kong welcomed advisory Pastor Phil Pringle from Australia to share the Word of God. 

Pastor Phil Pringle started with principle of giving and receiving from the Bible. In Luke 5:1, we read Peter caught nothing and when Jesus asked him to lend his boat to preach, Peter willingly gave it. Later Jesus asked him to go into deep and catch. It was the biggest catch of his life when he obeyed God’s command.

Pastor Phil encouraged that when we give our resources to spread the Word of God, God will bless us. God has given us principles to expect the rewards when you give.  No devil can stop the blessing that will come in your life. Your reward will be based on what you do with your life. You must launch out into deep, you must activate your faith. God will make sure that you have success in your business. Just as Peter experienced a big catch, similarly, God will bless you in your business.  “Your business will have a greatest breakthrough” quoted Phil Pringle.

After sharing the principle of giving and receiving, Pastor Phil shared the message on Freedom. He mentioned that the religion wants to bind the people which is opposite of freedom. Paul had the revelation that a man who is in Christ is also crucified with Christ. So not only is our sins washed away but we are also crucified.  So if we die with Christ, we will not ask what God will do for me, but what I can do for God.

Pastor Phil quoted an example of the prodigal son in the Bible. As long as he was with his father, he was seeking from the father, but when he repented and went to his father, he asked him to make him a hired servent in his house. There is a big difference between “Give me” and “Make me” said Pastor Phil Pringle.

“You might have left the sinful life but you may not be dead” quoted Pastor Phil.

Pastor Phil said we are given freedom by the Grace of God. It’s difficult to die to self. It can’t happen by your own effort. Faith is the only currency that can move God. You must speak the Word of God, change your language in the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Phil then quoted example of a widow in 1Kings 4:1. The creditors had come to take her 2 sons as slaves after her husband died. She ran to Elisha who advised her to borrow empty vessels and fill with the oil remaining in her house. She followed the instruction of the man of God and poured oil into the empty vessels and lived peacefully the rest of her life by selling oil.

The moral of the story is that when bad things happen in life, there are two types of reaction – stop coming to Church or you trust in God to help you overcome your problem. Pastor Phil mentioned that the devil is out to destroy the family. When Moses and Jesus were born, the devil was destroying the children.

“Most of us feel we got a little but a little in your hand is lot in God’s hands” quoted Pastor Phil Pringle.  When you and I decide to reach out empty vessels into the House of God, the oil will not dry out. It’s because of Jesus, miracles happen, oil flows. Your first birth is because of your parents choice. Every person is destined to be born again. Pastor Phil then invited people who want to make a decsion to be born again to come forward. Young and Old people came forward to accept Jesus’ as their Savior.

The service finally ended with beautiful Praise. After the service, I had domino’s pizza from the food exhibition and headed for Malalayam fellowship at Emmanuel Assemblies of God.

Praise God for an awesome time 🙂

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