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It was 2009 when I came to Singapore. At that time, I was looking for a Church that had excellent praise and worship in English, good sermon, healings, deliverance, etc. I tried few Churches, but among them I found the Praise and Worship awesome at the City Harvest Church. The anointing of God was awesome. People soaked in the Presence of God. It was this factor that attracted me to the City Harvest Church. Pastor Kong was sensitive to God’s Presence. He led the people into worship, prayed for healing, deliverance. I have seen lives transformed through God’s power in this Church.  The service to the poor and needy, encouraging people into discipleship, evangelism, inviting special pastors from across the world, mission work, excellent leaders – This is what attracts me to the City Harvest Church.

I believe for sure, Pastor Kong is an Anointed man of God.  And as an Anointed man of God, it’s imperative for Christians not to slander or foul mouth about any pastors. It invariably invites a curse in our own life. 

There are numerous references in the Bible that allude to this important principle.

Look at the life of David. Although, Saul wanted to kill him, David never cursed him or talked bad about him. To the extent that he killed the Amelikite, who killed Saul.  What was the reason? David knew Saul was Anointed.

1 Samuel 31:14 David asked him, “Why were you not afraid to lift your hand to destroy the LORD’s anointed?

Look at the life of Judas. Jesus never spoke evil about Judas though He knew who was going to betray Him. The reason being Judas was also once Anointed.

It’s possible for a man or woman to lose their Anointing, but we must never speak publicly bad about them.

As for Pastor Kong, he’s an Anointed man of God. Whether he remains as a Pastor or not, God is still in control of City Harvest Church. It’s still His Body. He will purify the Church as refiner’s fire and purge every filthiness out of our lives until we shine forth as pure gold.

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