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On 7th April 2013, Sunday I attended the City Harvest Church at Singapore Expo Hall 1 for the 10 am service. I boarded the bus at 9 am, took the Circle line from Marymount MRT, transferred to green line at PayaLabar, boarded the train to Changi airport at Tanah Merah, walked 10 mins to Hall 1, and finally reached at 9:59 am, one minute before the service. Praise God 🙂

The service started with beautiful Praise and Worship. The anointing was awesome during the worship. The Presence of God was beautiful beyond description.

After  praise and worship, we partook the Holy Communion after reciting the Apostle’s creed and the Lord’s prayer. After the Holy Communion, Pastor Aries invited the Advisory Pastor of City Harvest Church – Phil Pringle on stage. Accompanying Phil Pringle, Joe Pringle, his youngest son, led the congregation into a short time of praise and worship.

Phil Pringle at CHC – Photo by Lim Chia

After praise and worship, Phil Pringle, shared the sermon on “The Turnaround” by quoting Romans 8:28 28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” He quoted various characters from the Bible, where God delivered them miraculously when they faced dangerous situation in their lives.  He mentioned that Faith is the environment through which miracle happens. Great Faith, Great Miracles. “There are all sorts of little things going on in the machinery of your life that are causing everything to work together for the good of those who love God,” said Pastor Phil Pringle, reminding the congregation to continue having faith even when they do not perceive any changes in their natural circumstances. Fear will come uninvited, but you must choose Faith. Impossible happens in the environment of Faith. You must exercise Faith to turn the situation around.

  • The first example he shared was that of Joseph in Genesis 37. Joseph went through tough situations, he was sold to Egyptians as a slave by his own brothers, was accused of adultery at Potiphar’s palace, and put in prison. In spite of all the persecutions, he was interpreting dreams for the people. When the king had the dream, he interpreted the dream for the king and he was elevated to highest position in the kingdom. No matter how bad the situation might be, God makes all things to work together for good, said Pastor Phil.
  • The second example was that of Esther. Haman who was jealous of Mordecai, plotted to kill all the Jews in the kingdom.  But God turned the tables and Haman was instead hanged. God’s the God of turnarounds. God made Mordecai the prime minister of the nation. When God gets involved, everything turns around, said Pastor Phil Pringle.
  • The third example was that of Daniel and his friends. They were promoted to the highest level by various kings. But there were certain people during the rule of King Darius, who were jealous of Daniel. They plotted to kill Daniel and his friends by throwing them into the den of lions. But God turned the situation around. God protected Daniel and the plotters were instead thrown into the den and they were eaten by lions.

After the sermon, he invited the people, who wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior, to come forward. People, young and old, responded to the altar call and dedicated their lives to Jesus. After the altar call, Pastor Aries Zulkarnain, led the people into Worship. Later, the service ended with a beautiful praise song.

Praise God for a wonderful time 🙂

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