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09th Oct 2014, School of Evangelism, 7:50 PM, Paya Labar Methodist Church

It was the last session of the School of Evangelism. As soon as the auditorium door opened, people rushed forward for the best seat.

This was the day we were waiting – for the transfer of anointing – laying on of hands by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

He asked people to push 2 or 3 gears, ahead after this school of Evangelism.

He shared his testimony about how he stumbled into the house of the famous Evangelist, George Jeffrey’s in the UK. George Jeffrey laid hands on him. When he arrived in Germany, he received the news about George Jeffrey’s death from his father.

We receive the baton of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are connected with the Holy Ghost flame of fire.

You will walk out today with this baton. It’s possible; it might be my last visit to Singapore.

We are called to save souls. The current of the Holy Spirit will fix you forever for evangelism.

John the baptist stood in the cold water, baptizing unto repentance. John the Baptist, introduced another baptist.

He stands in the river of fire, and this river of fire will pass this building. It will not only empower you to preach the Gospel but will help you. That fire of Holy Spirit is an all-purpose fire. It’s like a cloth in the dye and dye in the cloth.

Don’t miss because of your unbelief. Before Jesus descended to heaven, 500 witnessed Him. But on the day of Pentecost, there were only 120 people in the Upper Room.

We are proclaimers and not even explainers. Proclaim God’s word and Holy Spirit will come and make that Word alive.

We are meant for the race to preach the Gospel – that’s the purpose of power. God’s power becomes visible when you are in action. Ask Him to help you in the task. Power is given for a particular task.  You are going to swim in the river of fire.

Lord, I pray, someone hearing this message, receive the Power that he or she becomes the Nation shaker. I feel the Presence of God so strong; Jesus will baptize you with fire, proclaimed Reinhard Bonnke.

After preaching, Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, both laid hands on every individual. It was an awesome moment as they placed their hands on me. Praise God:)

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  1. We praise God for his greatness and Favour I want to let Evang Riehard Bonnie to lay the baton is on me he need
    Me now

  2. I’m pastor Francis a young pastor in Maasai land Kenya. Pray for me for the anointing to do the works of God.

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