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Praise God! I got approval from  WES  for my Master’s degree.

Here are the steps to follow if you’re from M.S. University of Baroda, Gujarat, India.

  1. Follow the instruction mentioned in this link for the ECA application. After you get the WES reference number, follow the steps mentioned below.
  2. Get the WES form endorsed by first Dean/Principal and then Deputy Registrar (Examination).
  3. Get the mark sheets attested.
  4. Get the degree certificates attested.
  5. Get the transcripts from the respective faculty and get it attested. Pay fees at the Account section.
  6. Submit the WES form to the concerned faculty/college for the endorsement.
  7. Send the endorsed WES form along with the degree photocopies (with the Original documents – for verification) to the Examination section and with the fees payment slip.
    The documents after verification will be sealed and signed by the authorized person.
  8. Place these attested documents and the original Transcripts in an envelope addressed to WES and get it sealed by an authorized person in the Examination section.  Do not mention your address on this envelope.
  9. Place this sealed envelope in an another envelope addressed to WES.

If you need help or got questions, email me at [email protected].


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