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On Saturday, October 11, 2008, my friends from church and I made plans to attend a music concert and participate in Mira’s wedding. The event featured renowned personalities such as Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, and the admission fee was set at 20,000 KRW

At 7:30 in the morning, I received a call from my parents, even though it was 4 am in India. I was pleasantly surprised that they woke up early just to extend birthday wishes to me.

After the call, I left my place at 7:55 am. Jasmine gave me and Sabrina a ride in her car. We had breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts. After a while, Jungjoon and Audley joined us. Sabrina got the printout of the e-Tickets. Later, we took a bus to Jamsil, and reached there at 9:40 am. From there, we took a taxi to Olympic Park, Gymnasium stadium. It was the same venue where Pastor Benny Hinn had conducted the service in 2006.

The morning session kicked off with Matt Redman, and it was succeeded by a compelling sermon delivered by a pastor. The testimony shared was a powerful narrative of the grace and mercy of God, leaving a profound impact.

At noon, the lunch break commenced, and we proceeded to Mira’s wedding ceremony, making our way to Seoul Station. The journey to the wedding venue took approximately 45 minutes. The Church building was beautiful and a traditional one. The bride and the groom were looking majestic in their wedding dress. Elora, Hokeun, Hwang, Junho, and Brandon also joined us. Later, we went for lunch. I had delicious Korean food, and we were the last people to leave the buffet room. Brandon also decided to join the concert. So we all went in his car, back to the Olympic Park. We reached there at around 5 pm. The queue had started building up. Since we had time, we had a brief walk around the park surrounding the stadium. It was a beautiful park, and we took a few snaps. David and Daniel also joined us. The doors were supposed to open at 7:30 pm. A long queue was building up. I was skeptical if we could get inside the stadium, but my fear was unfounded. The stadium was packed. It was an awesome sight to see thousands of people inside. Later the music started. People were getting wild. The music was blasting. But I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did in the morning.

After the music, there was a brief message by an American pastor. It was about the purpose of life.

After the message, Chris Tomlin appeared. The crowd was ecstatic. As he started singing, people joined him in singing. It was outstanding. The whole stadium was jumping and shouting and rejoicing. I had never seen such excitement when the entire crowd was jumping and waving hands to the tune of the music. The ground was shaking with the excitement of the people. I was gaping at the people’s exuberance. The concert was to continue till 11 pm, but at 10 pm, we decided to leave the place. So we left the stadium and took the bus to Jamsil and from there we took another bus to Yong-tong and finally to my residence. Enjoyed the day very much.

The next day morning, it was Sunday. Woke up at 9 am. And left for worship service at 1 pm. Had a magnificent time at the worship service. I sang some of my favorite worship songs. After service, Audley, Yvonne, her friend, and I decided to have dinner together. I had Ommu rice. Then Yvonne and I did some shopping at Homeplus and took the bus back home. It was a fantastic weekend.

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