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Benny Prasad

On 22nd September 2013, Sunday, 6 PM I attended Benny Prasad’s music concert at the Park Mall, Dhoby Gaut.

The concert was organized by TEHILLAH, a group of youngsters on fire for God.

When I saw Benny Prasad, I was honestly surprised, at how this man could travel to every country and meet Presidents and dignitaries. He had no charismatic voice, wore casual dress, and was still very influential.

Benny Prasad, originally from Bangalore, India, faced early struggles. His father, an Aerospace Scientist, anticipated academic excellence, but Benny, unhappy in his studies, barely scraped through school and failed the 12th standard. Labeled as hopeless by teachers, he battled depression.

He suffered from severe asthma which required him to take steroids. From the age of 12 to 16, due to wrong medication, he suffered severe arthritis. He was a good athlete at school. He had a dream to participate in the Olympics, but a mishap from a Javelin throw damaged his spinal cord and destroyed his dream of being a sportsman.

While he was contemplating suicide at the age of 16, he encountered God and heard a voice speak to him “Benny, even though you have been useless all your life, I need you now and I will make you a new creation”.  He surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. From that time, God gave him new dreams, new goals, and positive desires.

He was invited by the President of Singapore in September 2003, for a music concert. Medically, it was impossible for him to play guitar due to arthritis in his fingers, but by the Grace of God, he was able to play. “If you’re facing a challenging situation, God has the power to turn things around. He can turn your mourning into dancing. God can change the dead broken dreams, your childhood dreams into reality” – Benny Prasad.

He was invited to the 2004 Greek Olympics for a music concert. He designed a special guitar for that purpose. We think marks or parents or school decide our career, but his life is a testimony of what God has done for him. His guitar teacher labeled him hopeless but he studied music and became the best guitarist at the age of 19 in his college.

We all have dreams, some come true, some don’t. Ask God for His Plans for you, said Benny. God’s ways are higher than your ways and His thoughts, higher than your thoughts.

He received a vision from God to travel to every country by 2010. There is no record of any musician who has traveled to all the countries. So he asked God to be the provider. He charges no money for the concert. And borrows no money. He is the fastest man ever to visit all 245 countries in 6 years, 6 months, and 22 days. He has even traveled to Antarctica, and countries like North Korea and Pakistan for the music concert.

Life is not easy, but that doesn’t mean you take shortcuts. One of the challenges we face is corruption and if you want to remove corruption, you must change first. He shared his story about his first invitation to perform a concert in Moscow. The officials at the Moscow airport asked him for a bribe and he refused to compromise. They kept him waiting for 30 hours and finally deported him back to Delhi. It was a humiliating experience but he never compromised his integrity.

Character is more important than your achievements. God will honor you at the right time, even though it may not be immediate. Just because you had a difficult beginning, doesn’t mean you will have a difficult ending.

We must have a purpose in life else life is boring. We must be content with what we have. But the world will never allow you to be content. He advised people not to be caught up with brand and fancy gadgets. Most of the time, we are slaves to people’s expectations.

The service finally ended with a beautiful song “Purify My Heart”.  Praise God for the wonderful time 🙂 Abeesh and Benny Prasad

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  1. I have also got a chance to hear Benny Prasad. Really liked it. Thanx that you share it here.

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  2. Really liked your post.
    Captivating , thought provoking & so true.
    Life’s not what we think it is , it is way beyond that. God has plans for each & every one of us. Some realize it early & some late but eventually everyone does.
    Keep writing posts like this. Keep up the good work Abeesh! 🙂

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