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Sermon Highlights at Jesus Calls Prayer Tower, Singapore @17th April 2019

Most important deliverance is with the Word of God. Every gift will flow when you have the foundation of the Word. Miracle is in the Word of God. Word of God is light.

If you really want to know your spiritual growth, you can measure by the heart you have for people.

Spiritual growth is not directly proportional to blessings. The blessings you have in your life is due to the favor of God.

Spiritual growth is measured by desire you have for the broken people. God has called you to shine so that you can be a blessing to the people of the world.

When Nehemiah came to know about the condition of the wall of Jerusalem, he was broken!

What makes your heart broken?

Devil will try to destroy the vision, disturb you.

Mockery and discouragement are weapons of enemies.

Elijah was broken. God sent an angel to strengthen him.

We are not to despise, belittle others but to strengthen others. Let us be weapons in the hand of God to encourage others!

When God gives you a vision, everyone around you might not be happy with it.

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