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The greatest blessing we have on this earth is the Holy Spirit.

He is the same Spirit who gave birth to Jesus, dwelt in Jesus, and anointed Jesus. He’s the same Holy Spirit who hovered over the face of waters in Genesis 1:2, anointed Moses, Joshua, David, Samuel, Elisha, Elijah, Samson, and so on. The Holy Spirit is beloved of the Trinity. Jesus said every sin can be forgiven except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

In the Old Testament, very few had the privilege of the Holy Spirit dwelling in them. It was common for Holy Spirit to come upon a person for a reason and for a season.

Fast forward, today we have the greatest blessing of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. We are living in the day and time where we are literally seeing the manifestation of the Promise that Jesus gave.

Sometimes, I feel, we have taken the Holy Spirit for granted. We are so busy with our own job and family life that we neglect His fellowship.

Imagine we invite a guest to our house and we spend time talking over the phone or browsing. What an insult to the guest.

It’s the same thing we do with the Holy Spirit. He’s waiting for our fellowship. He is waiting for us to spend time with Him.

The greatest danger in the life of a believer is Holy Spirit leaving him. If the Holy Spirit can leave Saul, who was once chosen by God, it’s possible for us to lose the Presence of God, if we neglect His fellowship.

Samson almost lost but he repented, same with David. He pleaded with God ” Please do not take away the Holy Spirit”.

The Holy Spirit is a wonderful gentleman. He will never force His will upon us. He waits silently. He is so tender and loving. It’s beautiful to have this wonderful Third Person of the Trinity dwell in us.

Jesus is in heaven seated at the right-hand side of the Father. He gave us the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. As a matter of fact, Jesus said, in John 16:7, “Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you”.

One day, we will be caught up in the air and be with our Lord forever.

To the world, the evil spirits and the Halloween spirits are more real and fascinating. But the Bible says He who’s in you is greater than the one who’s in the world. It’s sad they don’t know about the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, I don’t think, anyone can be drawn to Jesus. It’s the precious Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus and makes Jesus real. He is the author of the Bible. He’s the Spirit of Jesus. He’s the Almighty God.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Jesus so loved the Church, that He gave His Precious Holy Spirit. Let’s welcome the Precious Holy Spirit in our hearts today and spend that quality time in the secret place with Him.

God bless

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