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Day 1, Post Lunch session by Peter van den Berg

Peter van den Berg, the executive Vice President of CFAN, shared on how to put on an event.

He mentioned the ministry in CFAN is a 3 legged milking stool:

  1. Holy Spirit Anointed Ministry
  2. Planning and Organizing
  3. Good Technical Backup

He mentioned evangelism that does not lead people into a local Church, is rubbish. Discipleship happens at Churches.

You need help. You need organizers, technical backup. Get somebody who can do what you cannot do. Find a good organizer. The Christian way is to be team. We are designed to be a team.

Find a person to do the job. Don’t find a job for the person, said Peter van den Berg.

The proof of a successful event is how many people are in the Churches today and months later. Build a bridge to local Church.

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